DVD’s and Drawings

Order DVD’s & other URA Products For a complete list of Multimedia public presentations please send an email request to DLTrotter@msn.com or use our contact form on this website. Below is a listing of the books, videos, drawings and multimedia Cd’s available for order through URA. Picture DVD Video’s Books/Videos are $29.95/pc – All taxes and shipping are included. Use “Add to Cart” Button below Use top button for 1st 10 DVD’s and second button for 11-15 DVD’s Click on the link in first column of the table below (shipwreck name) to see more details ​Note: Please use the CONTACT US form to follow up on any order status!           

Arcturus$29.95Found 2002
Clifton (Target 24)$29.95“Whaleback” Found 2016
Cutting Across Time$29.95Kamloops & more … Companion DVD to book “Shipwreck Hunter”